Onsite Courses

In today’s challenging worldwide economic climate it has become necessary for companies to initiate cost cutting measures in order to compete. We have always understood this and have been a leader in offering cost effective onsite training. We can mobilize our instructors at the client’s request to perform training and certification at the client’s facility eliminating the need to send employees for training thereby substantially reducing training costs.

Apart from being economical, onsite training and consulting offers other advantages such as:

♦ Employees are able to train with their employer’s equipment

♦ Training conducted within the client’s working environment and industry

♦ Added advantage of training in a home environment

UT Level I 40 5
UT Level II 40 5
UT Level II Weld Inspection* 40 5
UT Introduction to Phased Array* 40 5
UT Phased Array, Advanced Detection and Sizing* 40 5
UT Time of Flight Diffraction* 40 5
AWS CWI Preparation 48 6
RT Film Interpretation 40 5
RT Radiation Safety 40 5
MT Levels I & II 24 3
PT Levels I & II 16 2

*Advanced course. Participant required to be qualified to minimum UT Level II

Our courses can be tailored to meet the requirements of SNT-TC1A, ANSI/ASNT CP-189, NAS 410 (MIL-STD 410) PCN and EN ISO 9712.

Please contact us so we may provide more information on our onsite courses.