Method Selection & Written Procedures


Unsure of the correct NDT method for a specific application? Let our knowledgeable staff assist in choosing the correct procedure taking into consideration part geometry, material, types of discontinuities sought and location environment.

Please contact us so we may provide more information on how we can assist is selecting the correct method for you application.

NDT Written Procedures insure the quality and consistency of your inspections. ANDTS professionals can assist in writing NDT procedures covering most techniques and industries.  Procedures can be written specifically for your needs and are deliverable in electronic format.

Some of the procedures we have done include the following:
♦ Procedure for the Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel
♦ Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Examination Of Aircraft Components
♦ Magnetic Particle Examination of Aircraft Components
♦ Magnetic Particle Examination of Ferromagnetic Welds and Components
♦ Liquid Penetrant Examination of Welds or materials using the visible penetrant solvent removable process
♦ Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Examination of Welds or materials using the fluorescent penetrant solvent removable process
♦ Radiographic Film Processing
♦ Procedure For Controlling The Quality Of Industrial Radiographic Film Processing
♦ Radiographic Examination, IAW ASME Section V, Article 2
♦ Radiographic Examination, IAW AWS D1.1-2000 And ANSI/AAHTO/AWS D1.5-96
♦ Radiographic Examination IAW API Standard 1104
♦ Ultrasonic Instrument Qualification
♦ Ultrasonic Examination IAW ASME Section V
♦ Ultrasonic Examination IAW AWS D1.1-2008
♦ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging